Leadership Team

Jagdish Acharya (Chief Executive)

Jagdish Acharya started his career with Asian Paints in 1979 as Branch Executive. Later, he went on to work on challenging positions at Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand, and China (1985-2009). He took over as the Chief Executive of PPG Asian Paints in early 2009 and is leaving no stone unturned to take PPG Asian Paints to new heights. He is blessed with a lovely family of three - wife Meera, son Aneesh, and daughter Aditi. He leads an active life enjoying music, swimming, playing table tennis, tennis, squash, and golf.

Yogesh Raval (Chief Technology Officer)

Yogesh Raval started his career with Asian Paints in 1980. Yogesh has been instrumental in streamlining the processes and overall functioning of the R&D department at PPG Asian Paints. Up close and personal, Yogesh has a family of two - wife Dipika and daughter Foram. He is a sports lover and loves following cricket, hockey, tennis and soccer.

B. K. Raman (Senior GM & Head of Business - Automotive)

B. K. Raman started his career with Asian Paints in 1981. After taking over PPG Asian Paints OEM business, Raman has played a pivotal role in the growth of Industrial and Automotive Customers. Raman has a family of three, wife Bhuvana and two kids, Karthik and Aditi. Raman has interests like following Soccer, Photography, listening to Saxophone and South Indian classical music.

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